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A slow blink

By Michelle McLemore

~First published in Crazy Wisdom Weekly, August 13, 2021.~

You don’t know what you don’t know…until you know.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to consider that what you were taught K-12 is not all encompassing. That what professors tried to bring to your awareness in college, advanced coursework, tech colleges, and on the job trainings are still only a drop in the proverbial ocean of knowledge that exists about a species, its environment, world, universe, dimension, and so on. Still, the expression on someone’s face when they have an epiphany is truly spectacular to witness. There is a combination of childish delight in discovery, amazement of how the next piece fits the puzzle, the wonderment of how the design exists, the surprise of how one’s reality can shift in an instant and yet reflect on what you were so sure of just seconds before and now…knowing you can never go back. For if you do, if you deny the experience, or attempt to bury it, you are doing a disservice to yourself, your future, and all whom you would come in contact with.

I was helping at local vendor’s show when I saw a woman gimping painfully about. Her face grimaced each time she set her right foot down. She explained that a few weeks prior she had gone to bed fine and simply woke up with excruciating pain and a knot in the back of her heel. Apparently, it had not gone away as it had arrived — on its own. I suggested she sit down and let me try a little energy work on it for free. (I really dislike seeing people in major discomfort.) She brushed it off: ” no time” and “if I sit down now, I won’t want to get up and finish what I have to do today.”

How often have we said, or heard, those same rebuffs? When all we expect is continued pain and discomfort, the tv commercials about arthritis pain is what resonates in our mind — or maybe it was physics class? “A body in motion stays in motion.” The reality, however, is that sometimes, a few moments of stillness and intercession can fix the irritating problem that “suddenly” appeared in our lives, and we can be back up and running, sprinting, or sailing as is needed.

I smiled, said, “No problem — it is your pain and your choice.” (Yes, I was a little more cheeky than normal.) I handed her my card and said, if you change your mind, give me a call.

One week later, I received the call–about ten o’clock in the morning.

“Michelle? I really can’t stand it any longer. [No pun intended, I’m sure.] I am the point where I’m now irritating my husband and myself. Will you come over?”

I did my preparatory clearing and grounding work, prayed, and asked for guidance on what oils to take with me. I had her sit on the couch with her right leg extended and we began. Her husband soon wandered by the room entrance–all casual with side glances and small talk. I’m not sure if he was expecting a witch’s hat or wild chanting and swaying, but the vibe was of definite curiosity. I invited him to sit down with us, so he didn’t overheat outside. (Better for both of them to see what I was doing, so they could talk about it later.)

Because she hadn’t slept well from the pain and due to the high level grating her nerves, I did early work balancing and clearing around her head, neck, and shoulders. The effect was almost immediate. I tried not to giggle as her entire face relaxed and her eyes began to get drowsy. I knew from her delayed responses to questions that her mind had also relaxed significantly. I suggested she let her head settle against the back of the couch — that it was entirely okay to rest and even sleep.

Linda had judged her pain at the start at a 7. Within about 30 minutes she was at a 4 and it was still dropping. I finished her leg and ankle work and gave her instructions to stay put and rest for at least 30 minutes. (I was pretty sure she was going to fall asleep and it would be a bit longer than that.) Additionally I asked her to drink some water, and after about 4 hours to do an epsom salt bath just to finish treating anything left over. (Water–and salt water especially–are both wonderful clearing agents at many levels.) I told her I’d call the next day. She smiled, a bit groggily, but much more comfortable and I saw myself out.

I waited until midday to call her. “Hello, Linda. How are you?”

“I feel great!” was the strong response.

I hesitated. “Are you being sarcastic?” The enthusiasm in the voice was much more than I had anticipated.

She laughed. There was no pain. “I feel like a brand new person!” she exclaimed and then as I was expressing my gratefulness for her relief, she interrupted to say, “I owe you an apology.” I was caught off guard. What possibly could this woman, whom I only knew casually from local community meetings, have said or done to need to apologize?

She said, “I really didn’t believe it would work.”

Any confusion and hurried anticipation that had been building in my mind, floated away with my laughter. There was no need for apologies. Even if she had thought or expressed vocally to someone that I must be crazy or a charlatan, those were still simply her guesses about something she had no knowledge. She simply didn’t know any reality except the one she had lived up to that point. And isn’t that both scary and exciting at the same moment? We don’t know what we don’t know.

So perhaps instead of dismissing that which we personally have not witnessed, just perhaps we should listen to others while dismissing the need to evaluate or judge as they share their realities. What a shame it would be to miss out on leveling up when given the opportunity. What a pity to miss experiencing the awe of a deeper level of creation and how we are designed to literally ebb and flow with each other and our environment for all our highest and greatest good.

The Bridge to Divinity

By Michelle McLemore

First published in Crazy Wisdom Weekly 2020

We stood in line outside fidgeting in the brisk wind. One by one, the fire keeper smudged our bodies and we entered walking counter-clockwise, completing a full circuit around the center altar before sitting. As most of us were new to attending a woman’s circle, we had to be taught how to correctly enter, how to exit, how to dress, and how to participate. And as I would learn from Grandmother Sasa (Record keeper and Keeper of the Eastern gate) entrances are different if a man leads the circle, so one must learn and remember. If any of us assumed each of these rituals were simply tradition, we would’ve missed the much deeper event unfolding with each subtle action.

Spiritual ceremony is not a mere event as in a graduation or a coronation. It is not a show of behavior like performing. Even the New Testament clearly discourages actions for the sake of appearance: “And when you pray, be not as the hypocrites, for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I tell you, they have received their reward.” (New Heart English Bible, Matt. 6:5). In the 3D world, esteem in others’ eyes is all that such performance will garner.

However, Matthew 6:6 continues to clarify a needed basic ritual: “…when you pray, enter into your inner chamber, and having shut your door, pray….” (Matt. 6:6). Regardless of religion or faith background, spiritual ritual provides a pattern for focus. Whether you isolate yourself physically, or learn to turn into an inner heart chamber, practiced ritual becomes your Way through and beyond.

Through the physical action and energy intention of a pattern we gain a proper approach—a coming to–in a manner compatible to sacred spaces and tasks. It prepares us mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, and in doin so, heightens our frequency, increases heart space, and helps facilitate communion with one’s higher self, as well as (at times) Divinity.

To do something with ceremony is to do it with honor, gratitude, respect, reverence, awe, and sometimes humble humor. Until the last few months, for many, there was a tendency to rush about, filling wakefulness with completed tasks. In doing so, the quality of said events, small and large, may have been less quality than they could have been—less spiritual than they could have been. It only takes a few moments—a few seconds extra to add intention to the actions. And this conscious focus into your daily life can keep you more connected for a more continuous, peaceful flow.

So how to begin? Consider that which is already a part of your daily life—a logical part to enhance.

Many homes and businesses across the world still today maintain personal altars. Yet, for many westerners, the dining or kitchen table is the household heart center. It is the one, consistent place people gather to socialize, ponder, pray, and eat.

Consider how you might prepare the table for the coming week. What does the family have coming up in regards to events or challenges? As you clear the table from excess papers and odds and ends, incorporate ceremony by breathing love, gratitude, hope, and fortitude into the cleaning and careful selection of fresh flowers, trinkets, candles, and perhaps an appropriate cloth as a center piece. Keep the decoration and symbols simple, but appropriate for inspiring needed energy. Each person who sees it will be drawn in for a private breath in this protected space.

For centuries, preparing one’s food is another way people have incorporated ceremony into their daily lives. If you are harvesting from a garden, you may give a pinch of tobacco to the earth and ask for permission and guidance on what is ready and healthy for you to eat. Consider every participant, and influence, which has led the food item to your hand: planters, rain, soil, harvesters, the animal, the crop, the store handlers. In today’s world the chain from conception to our table may be elaborate and each influenced the process and end product—hence, each had an influence that will pass to you.

When your plate is prepared and you are about to partake, pause for a few seconds of ceremony. Raise your hands, palms down, to hover over your beverage and bounty. Bring your awareness to gratitude for the abundance, not want, regardless of the amount. Consciously intend the energy from your hand chakras to heighten the frequency of the meal so that it may be the highest blessing to the body. Then, of course, dig in with expectation of joy.

Though it is common to complain about a lack of time, the preparation of our spirit takes only a few moments and it is worth it. Ceremony may be added into many small parts of the day such as greetings, meditation, and preparing to begin your work.  I learned by wearing long skirts, women harness earth energy. Walking in a set direction, builds the feminine energy within the circle through which we united. Deepening in ceremony, you enhance the commune-ability for sacred learning. It is a gift enabling you to love deeper, laugh truer, heal with higher frequency, wonder with heightened awe, and walk humbled with Spirit.

Conquer your fears through Lucid Dreaming

Have you had that moment of blissful slumber when your conscious mind interrupts with the epiphany: “Hey, I’m dreaming!”   At that point, your excitement either wakes yourself up, or you are able to sustain the dream for a little bit of play time.  But, what is really happening and does it have any real validity for us and our health?

When Lucid dreaming occurs, researchers are finding that our brain is in REM sleep and a medley of alpha, beta, gamma, and de-synchronized brain wave patterns. Gamma is the fastest /highest at 38-42 Hz and is associated with altruism and universal love.  Alpha waves run between 8-12 Hz and Beta waves run 12.5 and 30 Hz. Alpha waves deal with mental coordination, calmness, alertness, and learning while Beta is associated with normal waking consciousness, focus and  problem-solving. So, interestingly, during our active dreaming cycles, our brain waves are functioning like consciousness or, some may say, advanced consciousness.

Beyond the mere entertainment factors of being able to control your dreams, there is a more concrete application for our health and peace. Lucid dreaming provides a virtual playground to conquer our waking fears.  Through coaching on relaxation practice, setting of intentions to lucid dream and how to deal with problems within a dream, clients have become empowered to conquer problems during their sleep and wake to refreshed confidence to carry through their conscious hours. It has been empowering for folks with Generalized Anxiety Disorder as well as  PTSD.

Check out the video chat for more details and feel invited to ask questions as needed.

~This is the heart of the journey and you are worth it. <3





Not sure what energy therapies are?

Healing Touch is just one of several energy/biofield therapies available and being widely used across the world. 

The following video outlines how energy therapies work, who can benefit, and what a typical Healing Touch session may look like.  Energy therapies are 100% safe, very relaxing, and can help physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

I’d also encourage you to check out the FAQs page and Noteworthy links for research.

I’ve worked on soon-to-be mothers and babes to help decrease back pain, toddlers to increase rest and decrease nightmares, elementary age for ADHD, teens for transitions, anxiety and depression, adults for physical chronic pain, diseases such as Chron’s, lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines in addition to emotional and spiritual concerns such as how to recover from being a long-term caregiver, learning how to deal with higher frequency transitions, managing anxiety & stress, and more.

What are your wellness concerns? Let me know if you are ready to start the change!

Click the photo to launch the YouTube video mini documentary done by Jennifer Gentner.