Life Energy Services

Review Michelle’s brochure HERE to view a list of physical dis-eases and ailments she has assisted and how to prepare for a Wellness session.

  • Balance to Thrive Guidance: balance the energy anatomy and work toward achieving your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and life goals. Decrease dis-ease, learn proactive stress-management strategies to improve health , guidance to achieve life goals for your highest good, most joy, and deepest peace. Sessions and take-away self-care plans are personalized per client. 30, 60, 90 minutes.
  • Headache, Migraine, Neck Support: Specific energy therapy techniques, yoga, stretching, and topicals to work with energy, blood flow, inflammation, and muscular/fascia tension which are common contributors to head pain.
  • Immune & Lymphatic System Support: This full body technique assists the lymphatic system, reduces swelling & pain in lymph nodes. Useful for clients with Mononucleosis, Lupus, Chron’s, HIV, AIDS, Fibromyalgia and more. 60– 90 minutes
  • Disease Support & Symptom Management: Consultation and assistance on dealing with / reducing effects of a variety of diagnosed diseases and conditions. Please see notes for a partial list of physical ailments dealt with in the past.  Everyone benefits from clearing and balancing the energy system to begin with, and then we set goals to target the specific symptoms and causes of your disease.
  • Bone & Muscular Pain Reduction: Several methods to open energy across  spine, release blocks in the skeletal and muscular frame, reduce pain/swelling and increase relaxation.
  • Transition Assistance: Centers client making major decisions, life in transition with/without choice, engagements, job changes,  puberty transitions, relationship change, frequency change, or grief. 30/ 60 mins.
  • Head/Mood Trauma, Pharma Clearing: Assist clearing anesthesia, chemotherapy/radiation, prescription pill effects; supports severe head trauma, PTSD, depression, arthritis, and more.
  • Pregnancy & Post delivery support: Techniques can assist with back strain, improved sleep, calming anxiety and nerves, and more. Entirely safe for baby and mother at all stages of growth.
  • Wedding partner/family synthesis & officiating: pre-ceremony compatibility sessions, ceremony planning; energy sessions focused on nerve balancing, life transitions, relaxation prior to and day of service; ceremony officiating, smudging of wedding site, new home, bridal party.

  • Personalized Vitality Gardens: Herbs, Perennials, &/or Vegetables designed & planted to meet your total health needs. (Lawn, porch, or deck or inside home or work desk arrangements possible.)
  • Biophilia Decorating (designing ways to bring nature into your house). Easy to care for plants and decor that will nurture your soul, balance, and cleanse your space.
  • Nature Healing & Communication: Earthing and Shinrin-Yoku are two ways you can interact for healing in nature. This is a guided casual hiking session for mental & emotional balance which also benefits the land. Learn plant interaction, breathing techniques, and more.

Dream Analysis & Communication: Discuss dream archetypes, symbols, patterns, personal & collective associations for personal meaning, solve problems, decrease nightmares, and understand different dimensional dreaming/visits.

Emergency Care: Migraines, Meltdowns, Falls. Begin healing intercessions to reduce panic, swelling/ pain, promote bone alignment & growth. After a fall you are not supposed to have massage the first two days. However, energy work can reduce swelling, pain, and expedite recovery. Life threatening? Please call 911.

  • Classes & Workshops: offered on-site and via video-conferencing. They can also be designed for your particular business group or family. Current workshops offered:
    • Active Listening for Understanding
    • Intro to Energy & Intuition
    • Intro to Energy Healing
    • Chakras 1-2-3 for Writing Ease
    • Oils & Herbs for Daily Life
    • Oils for Work & School
    • Oils of the Bible
    • Mandala Creation
    • Biophilia for Home or Work
    • Deeping in Spirit & Raising Frequency
    • Shinrin Yoku & Guided Nature Walks
    • Writing to Heal
    • Intro to Dream Analysis
    • Advanced Dream Encounters
    • 24 Form Tai Chi
    • Yoga & Meditation Basics
    • Stress Management Basics
    • Corporate stress relief 30 minute sessions
    • Self-exploration & Creative Retreats
  • End of Life Transitioning/Celebration of life/Funeral Services: smudging, energy transition assistance, emotional/spiritual discussions and preparation, grief processing, ceremony planning, eulogy/obituary writing/coaching, energy sessions focused on heart strengthening and transitions, relaxation for improved sleep and openness to spirit visits, ceremony officiating, post ceremonial support, family and home clearing and balancing.
  • Dream analysis and communication: Discuss dream archetypes, symbols, patterns, personal & collective associations for personal meaning, solve problems, learn lucid dreaming, decrease nightmares, and understand different dimensional dreaming/visits.
  • Intuitive mentoring: discuss ways to increase frequency; how to make meaning of messages, symbols, visions, dreams; create meditations; evaluate and personalize rituals, etc.
  • Biofield reading & energy art portraits: An energetic intuitive reading . 15 minute or 30 minute. A personalized energy portrait sketch of the reading can be turned into a formal acrylic painting on commission.
  • ArchAngel Card Readings: With intention/respectful prayer, cards are pulled to provide guidance. 1, 3, or other spreads.  
Officiating first timers as well as renewals
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