Review Michelle’s brochure HERE to view a list of physical dis-eases and ailments she has assisted and how to prepare for a Wellness session.

  • Energy & Wellness Sessions: balance the energy anatomy and work toward achieving your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual goals. Decrease dis-ease and learn proactive stress-management strategies to prolong health and joy. Self-care homework is personalized per each client.
  • Wedding partner/family synthesis & officiating: pre-ceremony compatibility sessions, ceremony planning; energy sessions focused on nerve balancing, life transitions, relaxation prior to and day of service; ceremony officiating, smudging of wedding site, new home, bridal party.
  • Classes & Workshops: offered on-site and via video-conferencing. They can also be designed for your particular business group or family. Current workshops offered:
    • Active Listening for Understanding
    • Intro to Energy & Intuition
    • Intro to Energy Healing
    • Chakras 1-2-3 for Writing Ease
    • Oils & Herbs for Daily Life
    • Oils for Work & School
    • Oils of the Bible
    • Mandala Creation
    • Biophilia for Home or Work
    • Deeping in Spirit & Raising Frequency
    • Shinrin Yoku & Guided Nature Walks
    • Writing to Heal
    • Intro to Dream Analysis
    • Advanced Dream Encounters
    • 24 Form Tai Chi
    • Yoga & Meditation Basics
    • Stress Management Basics
    • Corporate stress relief 30 minute sessions
    • Self-exploration & Creative Retreats
  • Dream analysis and communication: Discuss dream archetypes, symbols, patterns, personal & collective associations for personal meaning, solve problems, learn lucid dreaming, decrease nightmares, and understand different dimensional dreaming/visits.
  • Biofield reading & energy art portraits: An energetic intuitive reading based on info. available or request for specifically for past or present during a 15 minute relaxing energy technique. A personalized energy portrait sketch of the reading can be turned into a formal acrylic painting on commission.
Officiating first timers as well as renewals
Everyone’s favorite yoga pose