Writing Services

What is your dream and then what is your need? Wanting something published doesn’t always mean you have to write it yourself. But, if that is part of your dream, writing process coaching is available along with ghostwriting.

Michelle has over twenty-five years teaching English in the United States public school system, a masters degree in Written Communications, and has personal experience writing and publishing poetry, non-fiction self-help, short stories, stage scriptwriting, video scripting, curriculum, blogs, social media posts, business service portfolios, newsletters, news articles, and magazine articles. Since 2022, she has also hosted weekend writing retreats which offer comradery, self-care, time to write, delicious meals, and guidance in the writing process.

If you are interested in writing-to-heal, writing to remember, writing to sell, or a weekend retreat, contact her for an inquiry and alignment call.


Business & Organization:

  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Ghost writing articles for print or media.
  • Service Portfolio and brochures

Life & Lineage Exploration and Healing

  • List of journaling prompts to identify areas which may need healing from your life based on energy chakras and Abraham Maslow).
  • List of prompts to guide personal memoir or family biography drafting. 
  • List of prompts to brainstorm drafting your own personal self-love, self-care meditation.

Genealogy & Family Research: You provide the family names, birthdates, and birth locations that you are certain of for a team to:

  • verify accuracy of what you’ve found so far, research further lines of your choice to produce a family tree;
  • Expand search to include family history stories: Mayflower, DAR, SAR connections, military involvement, house/living locations, health histories, digital artifacts available such as photos, certificates, news articles, etc.)
  • A world/national timeline for context of significant events paralleling family tree timeline

Writing Process:

  • GenMems (Genealogical memoirs): Weekly writing prompts for personal memories emailed, Returned writings are revised, edited, compiled, layed out with submitted artifacts, spiral bound manuscript. 3-3 ½ month program. Supports you writing up to 30 memoir essays. For synthesized genealogy tree and discovered artifacts, extra.
  • Mentorship:   When you are ready to write any project, we will collaboratively create a calendar of deadlines, meet twice a month in an up to 30 minute video conference, send bi-monthly writing feedback and revision suggestions.  One month or 3 month package.
  • Editing: Proofreading for grammar, mechanics, capitalization, parallelism, etc. Also includes editing for areas of confusion or organization issues.  Cost per word count/pages.
  • Publishing: Manuscript typing, layout, editing, guidance to print options.
  • Ghostwriting memoirs or autobiographical essays: based on interviews and notes, agreed upon style, will compose your life stories.

“This is really just about the most beautifully done piece for CW Journal we’ve ever received. It is so beautifully, expertly, compassionately, intelligently, and brilliantly woven…you’ve taken her lifelong journey and woven it into her work, her purpose. What could have been a still fascinating ‘interview’ has been turned into a wonderful and exceptional narrative/interview. it is just remarkable. I had to write this to you right after reading it, while it still is shining brightly in my consciousness. Thank you!!! ~Bill Z.